Chessmaster Challenge

Chessmaster Challenge

Try this new Chess game with great challenge and learning options
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Chessmaster is a good version of a chess puzzle game, with nice and friendly alternatives for the player. This game allows you to select to learn the game, to play fun and to solve puzzles; learning will show you the main rules of the game and moves of each piece; play fun will allow you to start a match with another player, and solve puzzles will give you a situation during a game that you must solve doing a move selected random, like mate in one, mate in two, find fort, between all the move you can make in a Chess game. In order to play all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and click the left button to select a piece, move your mouse where you want to place the selected piece and press the left button again to release it. Rules of the game are complex but very entertain, you must protect your king from your enemy, all pieces moves in different ways and different numbers of places. The main objective is to mate the others players king, when he is no able to move any piece, then the game is over.

Birgilio Rivera
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